Kickboxing World Championships 2013


Kickboxing World Championships WKU (World Kickboxing Union) 2013

On October the 20th 2013 I travelled out to Greece to compete in the WKU World Championships. I had qualified by competing in tournaments all over the Country this year. I fought in two categories; semi contact/point fighting and continuous, each fight is 1:30 then 1 minute if the fight is equal scores. In the semi contact I fought a German who won the division it was a close fight, he was winning and in the last few seconds I got a point back so the fight would go on for another minute, in that minute I gave away a few too many stupid kicks and punches and unfortunately lost the fight. Although I lost the fight I got a third. In the continuous I lost to the same guy but put up a good fight but not placing.

Kickboxing World Championships 2013 ISKA (International Sport Kickboxing Association)

On Tuesday the 29th of October I travelled out to Cyprus after qualifying this year to fight again in both points and continuous. In points I fought a North Cyprus boy and got 15 points clear so they had to stop the fight, the next round I had to fight an English boy and won but it was closer than the first, from winning the 2nd fight I was then in the final, in the final I fought another English person but in this fight I lost but it was close, a well-deserved silver medal. In the continuous category I fought another North Cyprus boy and beat him which meant I was in the final, in the final I fought the English boy that I fought in the 2nd round in points, it was a really hard fight and really tough and unfortunately I had to settle for a silver again.