BCA Western Classic Cheerleading Competition

Cheerleading competition. BCA Western Classic

On Saturday 1st March our team the Streetz, including Megan Strom and Beth Adolph, 9G, and Laura Grinham, 8G, travelled to Exeter to compete in the BCA Western Classic. The team was entered into 5 categories and achieved a trophy in all of them.

Megan and Beth were part of a team entered into the trio tumbling category. This category involves gymnastics and dance, they achieved an excellent 2nd place!

The whole squad entered the junior cheerleading category which involves dance, gymnastics and stunts, the squad finished in a strong 4th position.

As a team we also won the sportsmanship award which is awarded by the organisers and judges of the event. It is awarded to the team that catches their eye throughout the day for having a good attitude and being supportive to other teams. It is the second time that our team have won this award.

Cheerleading competition. BCA Western Classic