Brendon Tasker, Year 10 at Tae Kwon Do English National Championships

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Brendon Tasker, year 10, took part in the Tae Kwon Do English National Championships, held at Worcester University.

Event 1 – Cadets Black Belt Patterns

Brendon was in a pool of 25 other Black Belt Cadets’, age range 15-17. Round one: every cadet performs their pattern and is marked out of 10.0 by three judges. Brendon scored 9.6, 9.6 and 9.5 giving him a total of 17. The group was then whittled to the top 4. The top 4 had to perform their pattern again this time marked by 5 judges but still out of 10. Brendon was much stronger in this round and climbed into the joint lead. He then had to perform the pattern for a 3rd time with a competitor who was 2 years older than himself, where it went to a majority vote. Brendon came away winning the Silver Medal. This was his first competition in a higher category.

Event 2 – Cadets Black Belt 54kg and Under Continuous Sparring

This was the first competition for Brendon in this category — he is now fighting against young men who are two years older and 16Kgs heavier. This is a totally new experience for Brendon and unfortunately he lost his first round, much to Brendon’s frustration. On reflection positives were taken from the bout — two other boys also moved up to the higher category and both those boys could not complete their opening two minute bout due to knockouts. Brendon completed the bout and did end up losing to the eventual winner who was two years older and only just made the weight, weighing in at 53.10Kg.

Event 3 – Cadets Continuous Team Sparring

Brendon joined forces with two other boys to form a team. There were only a few teams this time. Brendon’s team were lucky enough to be given a “BYE” in the first round which gave them an automatic win so they progressed to Round 2. Team sparring is slightly different to the individual event, this time it is a two minute round but point stop. Points are scored by what three judges on the arena see with regards to kicks and punches landed. A kick to the head is 3 points, to the body is 2 and the punches to the body and head are 1 point. All three boys form a tag team where each boy gets to play a part in the fight — they usually would swap after a point is awarded. On this occasion the boys fought superbly and came away with the Gold Medal.