Humanities GCSE Trip to Southampton University

On the 20th June, forty Year 10 pupils who are studying a GCSE Humanities subject visited Southampton University for a seminar on xenophobia and racism within the UK and how it has altered over the course of a century.

The unit pupils took part in is usually delivered to second year undergraduate students, however they didn’t let this phase them, choosing instead to immerse themselves in a research task and then present their findings to the rest of the group. There was also an opportunity for pupils to discuss life on campus with particular attention paid to how Theology, Philosophy and other Humanities subjects are taught as well as a tour of the Campus grounds.

Humanities GCSE trip to Southampton University

Pupils in the lecture theatre presenting their work. From left to right: Codie Thomas; Sarah-Louise Wilson; Steven Dade; Abi Luxton; Evie Templeman; Emma Foster; Erin Phillips and Emma Fisher