Turner Artwork Discovered at Test Valley School!

'Turner' artwork hidden behind wall in classroom

During redecoration work being undertaken in a classroom during the holidays the school was surprised and delighted to uncover this ‘work of art’! Initially thought to be across just a small area the boards were carefully removed to discover it stretched across a whole wall at the front of the classroom.

Following further investigation a pupil who attended the school in the early 1960’s recalls the Art teacher at the time, Mr Turner, painting it onto the wall during their lessons. Indeed he has signed one corner confirming this.

The work includes every style of art from earliest to modern times – clearly Mr Turner was a very talented artist. The school would love to hear from anyone who attended the school in the 1960’s and can remember more about this.

Although the school has carefully covered it for now they clearly do not intend to paint over such a special discovery!

'Turner' artwork hidden behind wall in classroom'Turner' artwork signature