Computing Department Visit IBM Hursley for Ada Lovelace Day

Test Valley School Computing Department Visit IBM Hursley for Ada Lovelace Day

Ten Year 9 girls were given the opportunity to visit the ‘Ada Lovelace Day’ celebrations at the IBM Centre, Hursley in October.

Ada Lovelace (1815 – 1852) was a controversial mathematician and pioneer of computational thinking. Not only was she the daughter of the famous poet Lord Byron, Ada became one of the world’s first computer programmers and was an extremely influential figure in the development of modern day computing.

The girls attended the event and collaborated with other schools from Hampshire to produce complex solutions to a variety of computational problems.

The event gave our pupils the opportunity to work alongside various female IT professionals from IBM, raising the aspirations of young women and encouraging them to pursue a career in computer programming and software development.

Activities included programming robots to solve rubix cube problems, game design, software testing, virtual reality, emerging technologies and much more.

The BBC were also present to document the event and celebrate the female role model’s contribution to Computer Science. Many of the girls were interviewed by the reporters and appeared on the ‘BBC South Today’ televised news report later that day.

Congratulations to Annabel Anderson who won first prize on the day for her Computer Programming skills.

The day was very successful and all of those who participated had a great time learning about new concepts in modern day computing, as well as celebrating the female founding ‘mother’ of Computer Science.