Mayor Presents Gold Medals for Dance Festival

Mayor presents Gold Medals for Dance Festival Mayor presents Gold Medals for Dance Festival

Pupils from the local primary schools of Lockerley, Broughton, West Tytherley, Stockbridge, King’s Somborne, Wallop & Wherwell were invited to attend the festival over 3 days. This festival event has been running for 10 years. Sports Leaders, all pupils at Test Valley School, started planning this event in November 2014 with Mrs Smith (School Sports Co-ordinator).

Mrs Smith School Sports Co-ordinator said that :

“Despite the rather warm & humid conditions all the pupils and the Young Sports Leaders worked hard to show their varied dance ideas linking the performances to the overall theme and all the pupils seemed to enjoy the challenge. Another successful dance event”

Gremlin Dance Company taugh elements of healthy livingGremlin Dance Company taught elements of healthy living including physical, mental and social wellbeing to the primary school pupils in the morning workshop. Partner and group phases were created using mirroring and facial expressions.

The primary schools had been asked to base their showcase performance around the theme of healthy living, linking their performance to diet, exercise benefits and exploring the great outdoors. The primary schools showcased their own school dance in the afternoon.

David Roebuck, a teacher from King’s Somborne Primary School, stated:

“What a fantastic opportunity! Every child has been involved, active and enthused about dance. Despite the heat they all worked hard and participated with a smile on their faces. The Young Sports Leaders have clearly worked hard to organise and prepare for the event”

The schools showcases were very varied performances and included a fruit version of Little Red Riding Hood with a vegetarian wolf who loved fruit and vegetables, sporting actions and keeping fit elements as well as a cheerleading dance with ‘Healthy Living’ chants and bright coloured props.

Dance FestivalJane Hughes, a teacher from Stockbridge Primary School, stated:

“This is a super day for our children to experience dance. They clearly enjoy it. I am very impressed by the Test Valley Leaders, also how well organised the event is and their engagement with the younger children”

The event’s sponsors were invited as VIP guests to present Gold & Silver medals to all the primary school pupils. Gold medals were presented to the pupils who were enthusiastic, showed consistent effort throughout the day and had excellent team work skills.

The key sponsors were Hildon Natural Mineral Water, represented by Debbie Jones (Environmental Manager), Simplyhealth represented by Mrs Marshall (Community Fund Co-ordinator) and ASDA, who provided healthy snacks to link with our theme. Without these key sponsors this event could not take place Other VIP guests who visited included the Test Valley Mayor, Councillor Mrs Andersen, with consort and the Town Mayor of Romsey, Councillor Mrs Baverstock, and consort Miss Morrish, formerly Headteacher of Test Valley School.

The Test Valley Mayor Mrs Andersen and Consort stated:

“It was good to see the interaction between the Test Valley School Leaders and the Primary School children. The dance festival has obviously taken a lot of work with excellent organisation. It was interesting to see the theme ‘Healthy Living’ brought to life through the concept of five a day. A big thank you for showing us around Test Valley School and inviting us to such a lovely event”

Miss Hiscock, Headteacher at Test Valley School, summed up the event:

“This is always a wonderful event we all look forward to every year and this year it is celebrating its tenth year. The primary school pupils and Young Sports Leaders from our school all enjoy the activities and it is lovely to see them all working together and getting fully involved. We were also delighted to welcome our local sponsors and VIP guests to join us this year, their support is always valued and makes a considerable difference to the festival.”

Sports Leaders from Test Valley School

Sports Leaders from Test Valley School