Primary Area Athletics 2015

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Primary Area Athletics 2015The annual Area Athletics took place at King’s Somborne Recreation Ground on June 23rd 2015.

Six of the local schools participated in this anticipated event which had been adapted by the coaching company Personal Best Education [PBed] from last year’s competition structure. Schools were prepared for the new schedule and enjoyed the continuity of both track and field events.

The Young Sports Leaders were given instructions regarding the scoring and competition format. They were then able to record the necessary results for each competitor. Every athlete had to complete 3 field events, long jump, over arm throw and a chest push as well as 3 track events which included two sprints and a 300m race.


Young Sports Leaders

Young Sports Leaders

Primary Area AthleticsScores were totalled for each year group Year 3 / 4 / 5 and 6 and points allocated according to the best performance of each athlete. An overall team winner was the school that had accumulated the most points which credited to over 4000.

Primary Area AthleticsPrimary Area Athletics

All the athletes showed clear determination and performed to the best of their abilities in all the events. Lockerley were the winners with three 1st place titles in the Years 3 / 5 and 6 competitions. Well done on an excellent achievement!

Top 3 results :

1st Lockerley

2nd Broughton

3rd Wherwell

Primary Area Athletics