Year 10 Sports Leaders: Keeping Fit and Improving Skills

The Year 10 Sports Leaders group organised, as part of their course, a circuit training & basic skills session for Wherwell Primary School.

Wherwhell School & Year 10 Sports Leaders

Wherwhell School & Year 10 Sports Leaders

The Year 6 pupils, who worked hard at the session, listened to the instructions from the leaders and developed their basic knowledge and fitness level.

Wherwell SchoolThe primary pupils were shown how to do specific exercises and simple basketball skills and encouraged to do their best by the Sports Leaders. Throughout the session the primary school pupils were trying to increase their heart rates and the Sports Leaders were able to describe the benefits of exercise to their young audience.

The Wherwell Primary School pupils enjoyed the variation in the circuit session. This included exercises to improve general fitness as well as specific exercises to develop their basketball and general ball handling skills.Wherwell Primary School & Year 10 Sports Leaders


Well done Wherwhell Primary School!