Charity Committee Collects 98 Boxes for Shoebox Appeal

The Charity Committee with some of the shoeboxes collected for the appeal.

On the 21st of October, the Charity Committee held the shoe box scheme for children who are living in poverty. We got over 98 boxes which will go to the charity and it will be dispersed over Europe and Africa.

I would like to thank Mr Murdoch-Smith and Miss Hiscock on behalf of the Charity Committee for supporting and helping us to reach our goal.

I think that the Committee worked well together for our first event and I would also like to thank everyone mentioned here: Edwin Stanford 11G, Callum Macbean 11D, Charlotte Graves 11S, Lauren Henrys 11S, Riana Lieng 11S and Jamie Tedd 11N.

By Daniela Ciutto 11N

Miss Hiscock with Mr Nigel Beck from the Andover Rotary Club.