Medals and Fun for KS1 Pupils

Test Valley School hosted their annual Key Stage 1 Movement Festival sponsored by local company Hildon Natural Mineral Water, based in Broughton.

The medals were presented to all participants at the end of the event by the VIP guest Debbie Jones, representing Hildon Ltd, and the Young Sports Leaders.

Medals & Fun for KS1 Pupils Medals & Fun for KS1 PupilsMedals & Fun for KS1 Pupils

‘Personal Best Education’, a sports coaching company, organised the seven individual activity stations all related to basic movement and multi skills with the help of 21 Test Valley School Young Sports Leaders.

Medals & Fun for KS1 Pupils

Young Leaders listen to key instructions from coach Glenn.

Mrs Smith, the School Sports Co-ordinator, was very pleased with how the morning had developed as all pupils were so involved in the individual activity stations.

The atmosphere throughout the morning was fantastic with pupils really enjoying the challenge of the various activity stations. The movement and multi-skill activities were based upon motor development for the Key Stage 1 pupils. These included balance, co-ordination, running and jumping. Pupils also developed hand and eye co-ordination with throwing and catching activities.

The inflatable gymnastics track became the group’s favourite activity closely followed by the parachute activity.

Medals & Fun for KS1 Pupils Medals & Fun for KS1 Pupils Medals & Fun for KS1 Pupils

The Key Stage 1 pupils had to listen and follow instructions given to them by the Young Leaders and they were encouraged to work as a team. The Young Sports Leaders worked hard to make sure the primary school pupils knew what to do and kept them engaged for the 2 hour session.

Miss Hiscock, the Headteacher, stated that

“This event is always very special and it is wonderful to see all the pupils involved and working together as teams. Visitors to the event found a Sports Hall full of engaged, motivated and happy pupils. The primary school pupils certainly enjoyed the activities and our Young Sports Leaders were able to support and help them in every activity. We are always grateful to Hildon Natural Mineral Water for their support and generous sponsorship of this event each year and also thank the sports coaches for all their hard work on the day to lead the activities.”

A big thank you to the sports coaches and to our sponsors Hildon Natural Mineral Water who made this event very special for all the young pupils.

Medals & Fun for KS1 Pupils