Primary Schools Basketball: New 4v4 Tournament

This year a new competition was set up for the 7 local Primary Schools. This involved the skills that the primary school pupils were taught by the Sports Leaders earlier in the month. A 4v4 competition was held in the school sports hall with 2 boys and 2 girls playing from each school on 3 small basketball courts.Primary Schools Basketball 4v4 Tournament

The coaching session earlier in February, run by the Sports Leaders as part of their award, meant that each school had a similar level of skill and understanding of the game.

The rules that were introduced at the coaching session were outlined again at the event and the Sports Leaders did an excellent job with the refereeing.Primary Schools Basketball 4v4 Tournament

Despite the fact that the Sports Hall baskets are too high for the age level at the 4v4 event lots of baskets were scored and points were even awarded for hitting the surround known as a ‘backboard’.

Well done to all the Year 5 & 6 pupils who managed to score baskets!

Primary Schools Basketball 4v4 Tournament

Top two results were:

1st: Wherwell (Orange Team)
2nd: Lockerley
Lockerley and Wherwell Teams

This event was such a success it will now become a regular competition on the Primary Schools’ sports calendar.

The Basketball Leaders

The Basketball Leaders