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Cooking up a Storm

There were delightful aromas coming from our Food Tech room this week as our Year 9 pupils were experimenting with the use of different spices to make a vegetable curry or a vegetable chilli ready to take home for supper that evening. Mrs Cross said “I am really pleased with the level of maturity these… Read more »

Comic Relief Day

Each year Test Valley School supports a number of charities. Non-school uniform is always popular amongst our pupils of which they donate £1 for the privilege. This year we also wanted to raise money by putting on a staff basketball match at lunchtime where spectators can donate for the pleasure of watching the game. The… Read more »

A Volcanic Eruption

As part of the Year 8 Earth science topic they have been studying types and formation of rocks. Most recently they have been they have been learning how volcanoes form igneous rock whose crystal size is determined by the rate of cooling.  When lava cools quickly igneous rocks have small crystals, if it cools underground it… Read more »

Making music….in History

In History his week our Year 8 Pupils were tasked to make a suffragette music video for a song Mr Murdoch-Smith wrote to the tune of “Do you want to build a snowman?” from the film “Frozen”. This was to mark the end of the unit on suffragettes they have been studying for the past… Read more »

Languages Film Club

This week our Modern Languages department opened up their class room at lunch time for its film club. The chosen film was ‘Harry Potter’ but of course this was not the Harry Potter as we know it as it was played to our pupils in French. Miss Williams was delighted with the number of pupils… Read more »

Maths and English Workshops

This week we had 30 Year 5 pupils from our local primary schools to attend Maths and English workshops. The Maths workshop was out of this world! A special alien named “Quincey” showed us how the aliens on his planet count using a base 5 number system – i.e the only digits they use are… Read more »

Launch of Hampshire Book Awards

Test Valley School are looking forward to participating in The Hampshire Book Award again this year. It is voted for annually by Year 8 pupils from across the county from a shortlist of novels published in English in the previous year. The shortlist is drawn up by last year’s readers. It involves some of our… Read more »

“Chocolate Rocks” in Science

"Chocolate Rocks" in Science

Our Year 8 pupils performed an experiment using chocolate to demonstrate an understanding of the rock cycle. Different types of chocolate were used to represent different rock layers then the rock (choc) was subjected to heat and pressure. Obviously some tasting was allowed, in the name of science of course!

Talented at Table Tennis

Year 10 pupil Annabel Anderson has won through to the qualifying rounds to reach the Hampshire Schools Individual Table Tennis Finals for Under 16 Girls. Annabel won her medal for third place — a super result after a hard day of sport. Not only is Annabel achieving great things in this sport as an individual… Read more »

Geography Trip to Stockbridge

Geography trip into Stockbridge

Year 10 Geographers have been practising their fieldwork techniques in Stockbridge this week. They have been investigating the question “is Stockbridge a typical small town?” Throughout the day they looked at land use maps, conducted a survey on shoppers to investigate the sphere of influence of Stockbridge, monitored the traffic through the town and looked… Read more »

Ofsted Inspection 14th February 2017

Following our inspection on the above date we are delighted to confirm we “continue to be a good school”. There is much to celebrate in the full Ofsted letter.

Year 9 Futures Event

Research shows that on average people now change their jobs every 4 to 5 years. What ever happened to the job for life? Technology and efficiency came along removing the need for many traditional jobs and replacing them with different jobs. This leaves our current school pupils posing the question: What can I do for a… Read more »