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Sharing Adventures

On Monday 18th September, Year 10 welcomed two visitors to one of their MFL lessons. Mr Nigel Melville (MFL link governor) introduced his brother Mr Lionel Melville who came in to talk about his experiences of working abroad. Mr Melville spent two years working with the V.S.O on a community development project in Ethiopia after… Read more »

Year 7 Sporty Challenge

Year 7 Sporty Challenge

On Tuesday 19th September Year 7 took part in a Sporty Challenge event related to their Learn to Learn programme. All Year 7 pupils took part in a fully inclusive range of fun sporting activities with a competitive edge. The weather was glorious and there was lots of cheering and clapping. Mr Hill led the activities supported by a… Read more »

Year 7 Drama Lessons

During Drama lessons this week, Year 7 have been building up a basic set of skills using their memories. So far we have recreated family and school memories using freeze frames which require good focus, facial expressions and body language. Every lesson the group who have best achieved the set aim receive achievement points. They… Read more »

Year 7 Settle In

The new Year 7 pupils at Test Valley have already made a great start to their learning journey, having experienced all of their subjects at least once. They have impressed their teachers with a strong ‘can do’ attitude as well as by being helpful and kind to their new friends and colleagues in lessons. There… Read more »

Taking Care of Year 7

Year 10 mentors are doing an excellent job working with our Year 7 pupils.  As well as assisting on their first day of school the Year 10 mentors visit the Year 7 tutor groups every Friday morning to play games, talk about school life and support them with any worries they may have. The mentors also… Read more »

Special Relationship with Icknield School Continues

This week was the first week that our Year 10 pupils got to meet with pupils from Icknield School. Mrs Osborne said: “I was overwhelmed by the amount of support our Year 10 pupils showed with over twenty-five of them giving up their time today to attend.” This happens on Friday lunchtimes when a group… Read more »

Numeracy Ninjas

Graphic by Hector Gomez.

The Maths department are excited to announce the introduction of Numeracy Ninjas to Test Valley School. Numeracy Ninjas is a numeracy intervention designed to fill gaps in pupils’ basic mental calculation strategies and also to empower them with the numeracy skills and fluency required to fully access GCSE Maths concepts. Mr Whatley (Head of Mathematics) added: “Through growth mind-sets and… Read more »

Welcome Back

Last week the school re-opened to pupils after the summer holidays and the new school year got underway. We would also like to welcome all our new Year 7 pupils and new pupils joining our other year groups. This is an exciting and daunting time for them as they face the challenges of a new… Read more »

GCSE Results

In August many of our Year 11 pupils came into school to collect their GCSE results. Some pupils came with parents, others with family members or friends. It was a very special moment to share with our pupils. There were many happy faces, tears of joy and much to be celebrated. We are pleased to… Read more »