Bronze Ambassador Day 2017

Nominated Pupil Ambassadors from local primary schools arrived at Test Valley with the expectation of a full and varied day. Four pupils from each school had been selected for this day by their primary school teachers as these pupils who had the required qualities to make a good Ambassador. The Young Sports Leaders from Test Valley helped with the activities and worked with each school looking at the Ambassador roles and responsibilities.  Specific tasks were allocated to the Ambassadors and they are to try and introduce them into their schools over the next few weeks. Some schools already had some of the tasks in place but the majority of pupils saw these as new challenges to help promote sport in their school. The six ‘Spirit of the Games’ values were also discussed and used throughout the day. These are : Honesty, Self Belief, Respect, Determination, Passion and Teamwork. This initiative is organised through the Youth Sports Trust which runs events across the country for young people.