Geography Trip to Stockbridge

Geography trip into StockbridgeYear 10 Geographers have been practising their fieldwork techniques in Stockbridge this week.

They have been investigating the question “is Stockbridge a typical small town?”

Throughout the day they looked at land use maps, conducted a survey on shoppers to investigate the sphere of influence of Stockbridge, monitored the traffic through the town and looked into the environment quality. Over the next few lessons, pupils will be deciding how to present and analyse their fieldwork data before deciding whether Stockbridge is indeed a typical small town.

Geography trip into StockbridgeThe new Geography GCSE places a much greater emphasis on fieldwork and data collection. There is even an exam in fieldwork techniques at the end of the course.  We are looking forward to the next opportunity to take pupils out into the real world to undertake some more fieldwork in the near future.