Mapping the 20th Century

British Library trip -- Mapping the 20th CenturyYear 11 GCSE History group visited the British Library in London to attend a workshop on ‘Mapping the 20th Century’.

This was a challenging and intensive look at the way maps have been used in times of war and peace during the past century. The group were introduced to maps that had been used in the planning of both world wars, and were also introduced to many other types of maps including 3D maps, but also some interesting examples such as maps used in propaganda by Germany, Japan and Britain during the war. In the morning they arrived at the Treasures Gallery which had a large amount of original manuscripts. These included two of the original copies of the Bible (the third is with the Pope in the Vatican). Other artefacts that they saw were letters from famous people like Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII and Lord Nelson. They also saw original sketches from Leonardo Da Vinci which were simply eye opening.