Maths Challenge

As part of the Test Valley Challenge the Maths department have put together a series of Maths Challenges for both pupils and staff to participate in. These appear on a fortnightly basis and can be entered by individuals. Key Stage 4 pupils are encouraged to participate as well and will get the same achievement points as Key Stage 3 pupils.

For a bit of fun, why not have a go yourself…

A census taker approaches a house and asks the woman who answers the door:

“How many children do you have, and what are their ages?”

Woman: “I have three children, the product of their ages are 36, the sum of their ages are equal to the address of the house next door.”

The census taker walks next door, comes back and says: “I need more information”.

The woman replies “I have to go, my oldest child is sleeping upstairs.”

Census taker: “Thank you, I now have everything I need.”

What are the ages of each of the three children?