MFL Masterclass

On Wednesday 8th February the MFL department welcomed a group of Year 5 pupils from our local primary schools for a masterclass in German and Spanish. Mrs Newland taught the pupils how to greet each other – they had conversations with puppets and sang a song. They also learned how to sing ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ in German. The group had a break for squash and a biscuit and then went with Mrs Dover to start the Spanish session. They learnt some numbers, colours and animals and sang Old MacDonald in Spanish!

The MFL department would like to thank the staff and pupils from the primary schools for coming along to experience language learning at our school. A big thank you to the Year 9 helpers: Rebecca Ledwidge, Issy Henrys, Sam Hunt, Alejandra Perez-Allen, Issy Sinclair and Xander Taylor.