The Epiphany

Last week, The French Department celebrated with 7A and 7N The Epiphany or The Twelfth Night (this marks the visit to the baby Jesus by the three Kings).

Pupils learnt about how French families celebrate this special day. They enjoyed tasting the traditional Kings’ pie in the hope of finding a charm in their slice.

Pupils also joined in the song “J’aime la galette”. Oliver Argyle and Jude Whitlock were crowned Kings of 7A, whereas Tom Gregg and Alyssa Richardson were made King and Queen of 7N. All pupils deserved to be Kings and Queens on the day, so each created their own paper crown and a competition was held for the best crowns in each class. Kacey Cavill and Harry Franklin won the contest in 7A and Grace Phelan and Luke Findlay won in 7N.

Some pupils enjoyed the “galette” so much that they asked for the recipe and will be making their own at the weekend to share with their family.