TVS Challenge

Test Valley Challenge

On Thursday 13th July Year 7, 8 & 9 pupils from Test Valley School celebrated completing their Test Valley Challenge and received a certificate and medal at a special presentation evening from one of our sponsors. It was lovely to welcome a number of pupils with their families.

Test Valley Challenge award ceremony

Over this school year pupils in Key Stage 3 have been given the opportunity to undertake a range of challenges to achieve their award. Those challenges were different for each year group and there were also three levels to reach based upon the number of challenges completed. The award works as shown in the table below.

Completing Year 7

Bronze Award

Year 8

Silver Award

Year 9

Gold Award

6 challenges Level One Level One Level One
8 challenges Level Two Level Two Level Two
10 challenges Level Three Level Three Level Three

Challenges included: writing a poem, volunteering, horticulture, arts & crafts, maths, drama, music, baking, a residential challenge, an open challenge, clubs, charity work, photography, reading, sports, Eisteddfod and practical activities.