Year 8 High Aspirations

On Friday 1st December Year 8 pupils took part in a series of workshops entitled ‘Dream Day’. These were designed to explore lifestyle aspirations and career explorations. The first part of the event enabled pupils to build a dream cloud containing images of their future such as the house, car, pony, yacht, holiday home they may like to own. These were then all costed and followed up by being given an example of a job with details setting out the salary, working hours, holidays, qualifications needed and a day in the life. A range of activities including finding eight other pupils in the room who work more/less hours, have more/less holiday time, receive higher/lower rates of pay and need higher/lower qualifications. The morning session culminated in exploring the costings of their lifestyle choices and contrasting whether they could afford them with the job details they had.

A team from Andover College arrived at midday with ambassadors who shared their journeys with Year 8 pupils before supporting them in the afternoon workshop called ‘Making it Real’. This enabled pupil to drill down and explore their own aspirations before putting together as a presentation of their choosing.

Mr Langdown (Year 8 Co-ordinator/Careers Co-ordinator) said: ‘I really enjoyed celebrating the year group’s ambitions and I was very impressed with their high aspirations and massive range of careers ideas. Their ideas included Stockbroker, Bank Manager, Accountant, Forensic Scientist, Biologist, Royal Navy Officer, Animal Therapist, Police Office, Teacher and Play Therapist. I did not find a single pupil who did not have a career idea. This level of high aspiration, whether fully explored at this stage or not, provides pupils with the motivation to aim high in their learning within the classroom and can only create a win-win situation for everyone’.