Year 8 Trip to Neasden Mandir

On Friday morning, 44 Year 8 pupils, along with four members of staff made their way to Neasden Mandir in north-west London.  The pupils were looking forward to visiting the Hindu Temple as many had never been to one before. On arrival many of the pupils were in awe of the beauty of the Mandir as the building is magnificent. A number of hours were spent learning about the history of the building and the origins, beliefs and practices associated with the Hindu religion.  The pupils watched a very informative video explaining the Mandir building and how important the construction was, almost 5,000 tonnes of carved Italian marble and Bulgarian limestone were shipped between India and London and none were damaged. The pupils then had an opportunity to view the exhibition within the Mandir, learning about the Hindu beliefs, gods and goddesses.  They were very fortunate to be allowed to take part in the Hindu Arti prayer service.  This took place in the main prayer hall, again the beauty of this part of the Mandir was breath-taking in particular the numerous Murtis enshrined in this area. After the ceremony the pupils were invited to ask any further questions.  Many of the pupils took away a vast amount of information about Hinduism.  This will help them in R.E lessons, as they are just beginning to learn about this religion.  The pupils were well behaved and extremely respectful during their visit to Neasdon Mandir.  This was also commented on by one of the volunteers working in the Mandir, who said they are a credit to Test Valley School.