Years 10/11 ‘Your Choices’ Theatre Production

Years 10/11 ‘Your Choices’ Theatre Production On Wednesday 22nd November actors from the Solomon Theatre Production Company came to Test Valley School and performed to all Year 10 & Year 11 pupils. The story focused on three Year 11 pupils with differing backgrounds, interests, aspirations and learning styles. They each faced unique barriers to following their own careers and individual learning paths.

‘Your Choices’ was developed in partnership with Wiltshire County Council and its aim was to show the three different learning styles (kinaesthetic, visual & auditory) and explain the learning pathways that suit each one. The performance also highlighted the barriers to learning and the influences on young people when making their choices.

The performance followed the three pupils on a creative, zany and intriguing journey as they found the confidence and self-belief to chart their own learning course through the sea of subject choices and career options. It was packed with humour, making an impact on its target audience and signposting to them the next steps along their own learning road.