Youth Speaks

HRotary Internationaluge congratulations to the Year 9 team from Test Valley School: Eve Wansboro, Cerys Hotchkiss and Keshni Bhoodhoo. They participated in the first round of the Youth Speaks Competition organised by the Rotary Club of Andover. Three other local schools were also competing. Each school’s team comprised a chairperson, a vote of thanks and a main speaker. The main speaker has to deliver a persuasive speech on a topic of their choice lasting six minutes – when you are standing in front of an audience six minutes can feel like a very long time!

Cerys chaired our team’s entry and Eve delivered a persuasive and passionate speech extolling the virtue of exercise for all of us entitled ‘Just do it!’. Eve reminded us of the benefits of exercise, gave us some examples of what we could do and told us that, ‘a note from your mum,’ was not an acceptable excuse! Keshni then delivered the vote of thanks at the end and was awarded the trophy for best vote of thanks on the night – well done!

Well done to Eve, Cerys and Keshni for stepping up to take on this challenge – speaking in public is such an important life-skill and these pupils displayed confidence, articulation and exceptional teamwork.