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Exam Season


Last week saw the start of the GCSE examinations for our Year 11 pupils. Over the coming weeks they will be busy revising to achieve the results they have worked so hard for. Good luck to all of you!

Getting Competitive In German

Modern Foreign Languages flags

This week in Mrs Knight’s Year 8 German lesson, pupils were able to get competitive trying out a new Modern Foreign Languages website. This website has been designed to promote challenge in learning through online competitions. You can have a go on the new website yourself  and see if you enjoy it as much as… Read more »

Watch Out for the Ninjas!

Our Year 9 pupils regularly take part in what is called Numeracy Ninjas in Mathematics lessons. Pupils complete a skills test in silence, answering as many of the 30 questions as they possibly can in five minutes. The number of questions they answer correctly converts into a points score and determines which ‘Ninja belt’ they… Read more »

Carrying On in Design Technology

Carrying on in Design Technology

Over the past few weeks’ pupils in Year 7 have been busy making their own carrier-bag handles. Pupils have been given a brief to design a carrier bag handle to carry shopping bags. They have to come up with their own design and try out various prototypes before making the final product using wood. This… Read more »

Ten Years of StockFest


Can you believe StockFest has been running for ten years? Originally it was the brainchild of two Year 11 prefects in 2008 to raise funds for charity close to their hearts. At the time the school had been building a band culture and holding Christmas gigs for about three years. We also had a street… Read more »

This Week in Science

Over the past few weeks, pupils have been learning about various properties of rocks during their Science lessons. This week it was time to let the pupils conduct their own findings by designing their own test to compare the properties of rocks. Once they have conducted the tests they will then use this data to… Read more »

Key Stage One Festival

Test Valley School hosted a KS1 festival involving seven types of movement activity for our visiting younger pupils to take part in. The activities ranged from basic multi skills to parachute games and team building activities. The favourite of all the activities was the gymnastics ‘air track’ which was a giant inflatable which allowed various… Read more »

Pupil Council Event

Pupil Council

Test Valley School had the pleasure of welcoming 21 pupils from some of our local primary schools when we hosted the annual Pupil Council Cluster Event. The pupils who attended are all members of the Pupil Council within their own schools and worked alongside eleven of our own Pupil Council representatives.  The pupils began by getting to know each other… Read more »

Making a Splash this Summer

Making a Splash this Summer

Last week the swimming pool opened for the Summer Term. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a great facility to use and we plan on making the most of it come rain or shine. Swimming lessons are already taking place during PE sessions and many pupils are having lots of fun during their lunch… Read more »

The Key Stage 3 Spring Ball 2018

The Key Stage 3 Spring Ball 2018

Our first Key Stage 3 Ball was held on Friday 27th April. A large number of pupils turned out for a fun evening. The photographs tell their own story of the effort made by the pupils in preparation for their evening and we can only image the time, anticipation and excitement in getting ready. Pupils… Read more »

Year 7 Eisteddfod


Year 7 have just prepared and taken part in our second Eisteddfod as part of our Learn to Learn programme. This year we introduced a very popular art category with entries in 2D, 3D individual and small groups judged by Mr Murdoch-Smith. The other categories were performed on our school stage in front of the year group… Read more »

Enjoying the Sunshine in PE Lessons

With the Summer sun shining and a backdrop of the verdurous Test Valley, Year 7 spent their PE lesson concentrating on pacing over the 600 metres race. Pupils worked out the split timings needed over 50 and 100 metres to attain their target times, enabling them to improve their PBs.  Inspired by the recent Commonwealth Games they thoroughly impressed staff in… Read more »