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Pupils have already made a fantastic start using GCSE Pod to support their learning. Over 1250 pods have been accessed in the first three weeks of term alone. GCSEPod provides expertly written, highly concentrated learning and revision content to reinforce and consolidate key topics for 20+ subjects. It works seamlessly on any device, online or… Read more »

History in your hands: Year 7

Year 7 pupils have begun their study of History at Test Valley this week with an exploration of the artefacts that form the basis of all our shared past. They were challenged to look at a broad selection of items from the past. This ranged from Roman coins, letters from an emigrant to Australia, pages… Read more »

Windmill Experiment in Year 10

If you cannot find your fan, you might want to have a look in Room 6 as Mr Holmes and his Year 10 pupils have been conducting wind turbine experiments using them. The practical involves the pupils cutting out different sized paper turbines and placing them on a motor. The fans turn each of the… Read more »

Welcome (Back)!

Year 7 2018

Welcome to all of our pupils, in particular our new 7 Year pupils.  We asked them how the first week of school went and their comments included: “I made lots of friends!” “I found new subjects I didn’t know I liked.” “I have done more things, like subjects and PE, which I haven’t done before.”… Read more »