A Pupil’s Perspective

In a recent blog entry, we reported on our whole school PSHE Day. One of our Year 7 pupils wanted to share his experience of the day:

‘We were looking at the jobs we wanted to do. At the start of the day we all looked at what job we wanted to do right then. The teacher gave us a sheet with planets on it and each planet represented a career. I found it unbelievable at how many jobs I had never heard of.  Most of us found that we had one or two in mind that we wanted to follow for the rest of our lives. It was also interesting to find out about all the careers my friends want to do. Later in the day each of us looked at jobs we had chosen again and realised that there was a much wider range. I had started with one job that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I came back with five or six – all completely different. I think this day made a very big difference to everyone’s career plans. I found that I was quite interested when listening to what people thought about the different job ideas. Some people seemed to think the same as me and others the complete opposite.’