Hats Off to Lessons on Money!

Hats off to lessons on money!PupilHats off to lessons on money!s in Year 9 Maths lessons have been learning about finance in the last few weeks of term. We think it is important for pupils to learn about how to manage money before they leave school. Here are pupils from 9S enjoying the “Cats Bats Hats” activity. This involved pupils being divided into “buyers” and “sellers”. Each buyer started with £70 and had to buy three items as cheaply as possible. Each seller had 10 of the same item to sell – one was selling bats, two were selling cats and 4 selling hats. As the bartering progressed pupils quickly realised that there were few bats but loads of hats, so the prices rose and dropped accordingly. All pupils had a better understanding of supply and demand (and in one instance false advertising!) in an interactive and exciting way.

Hats off to lessons on money!