Our Year 9 Linguists

Our Year 9 LinguistsOn Monday 4 June three of our Year 9 pupils, Rory Pharoah, Cerys Hotchkiss, and Kevani Bhoodhoo visited Stockbridge Primary School with Mrs Dover to lead activities in French with a group of Years 4 and 5 pupils. They organised their own sequence of activities and resources based on activities that they have enjoyed in their own MFL lessons. They taught pupils key vocabulary about families and pets. The activities were very exciting and active and kept pupils interested for the whole hour. Here are some of the thoughts our talented linguists had on their MFL teaching experience:

“We were amazed by the level of enthusiasm they had and it was a lovely atmosphere to be in. We enjoyed teaching them and it was a wonderful experience. We spent a long time working on our activities and we are glad it went well”.

“The pupils were amazing. They were well mannered, kind and they followed our instructions. They asked for help whenever they needed it and were a lovely class to teach. All of us learned a lot about teaching and how much fun it can be and how much work needs to go into it. It was fantastic teaching them what they wanted to know and it was a splendid experience”.