PSHE Day (Personal, Social and Health Education)

Years 7, 8, 9, and 10 were all involved in different activities for our Summer Term PSHE Day.

Year 7

Year 7 pupils came to school in the PE kits and took part in a range of activities focusing on a healthy mind and healthy body. Their workshops included one on body image about accepting their bodies as they are; dance (showing how they can be active whilst having fun); taking care of their mental health with our school counsellor; and finally one about how having a healthy lifestyle can also help your mental health, followed by a practical session putting this into practice out on the field.

PSHE Day, Year 7

Year 8

‘CR8 Day’ is a very active day for our Year 8 pupils with them working in small teams to create an educational toy, supported by business and finance plans and a marketing campaign. Each team presented to the rest of their group and the winning team from each group then presented their prototype and plans to our ‘Dragons’ Den’ – Ms Hiscock (Headteacher), Mrs Watts (School Business Manager) and Mr Allsopp (Head of Technology). All the teams came up with some amazing and original ideas. The overall winning team created an Astronomy Box to teach children about space and the universe in a fun way.

PSHE Year 8

Year 9

Year 9 workshop programme focused on drug and sexual health education. We were very fortunate to have our local PCSOs come in to deliver an overview on drugs and the dangers of taking drugs, along with an brief overview of drugs laws. Mr Pennicott also delivered an interactive workshop on sexual health and demonstrated to pupils how their perceptions can be altered due to alcohol through the use of special ‘beer goggles’. The day was finished off by an inspiring talk by Shaun Attwood. Shaun is committed to informing young people about the dangers of taking drugs and the consequences that it can lead to.

Year9 PSHE

Year 10

PSHE Year 10It is not unusual to engage with agencies to run workshops on PSHE days, but to work in collaboration with an employer to design and deliver an event day is breaking new ground. Year 10 were the first to experience this new collaboration as we were able to plan and work closely on the day with Lloyds Banking Group from Andover. The day included interactive workshops from a wide range of representatives from the world of work, including a number of parents who volunteered their services to share about their own careers. Pupils were also able to investigate Labour Market Information – this sounds like a dry topic, but the App we use is a fast response, fact information comparison platform which enables pupils to compare up to three different career areas simultaneously. This was followed by a careers research App, enabling pupils to dig deeper into specific careers and find out much more about them. The challenge put to pupils was to record details about a career idea they may be considering and then research and record details about an aspirational career idea to contrast.