The Duke of Edinburgh ‘Bucket List’

Duke of EdinburghBucket lists seem to be the “in” thing these days, so Mr Langdown (our DofE Co-ordinator) has given some thought to the sort of things a DofE candidate might be able to tick off. This will not be an extensive list but hopefully you’ll get the picture.

  • Walking across the New Forest with a rucksack fully laden with everything you need to survive independently for the next 36 hours
  • Spending a significant amount of time supporting and relying on a group of friends away from adults and in the wilds
  • Cooking, eating and camping together
  • Battling the elements without the opportunity to nip indoors when it gets too much
  • Overcoming the pain barrier
  • Achieving beyond your own expectations and discovering a new inner self you had no idea existed.

All of the above are to be the expected for pupils taking part in the DofE award scheme, however, this year brought exceptional challenges for all taking part:

  • Our DofE practice expedition on the first May Bank Holiday weekend turned out to be the hottest on record
  • Our Assessed Expedition on the second May Back Holiday weekend brought 27 degrees Celsius to travel in and a spectacular thunderstorm overnight

The expeditions are always a memorable experience for young people but this year has hit new highs and shown our candidates that they have a level of resilience and determination which exceeded expectations.

Duke of Edinburgh

Very well done indeed to all of them!