Welcome (Back)!

Year 7 2018Welcome to all of our pupils, in particular our new 7 Year pupils.  We asked them how the first week of school went and their comments included:

“I made lots of friends!”

“I found new subjects I didn’t know I liked.”

“I have done more things, like subjects and PE, which I haven’t done before.”

“It was really fun!”

Head of Year 7, Mrs Stubbs said,

“I am really pleased with how well the Year 7 pupils have settled into Test Valley life so far. I have high hopes for the future and what they will achieve in their time here.”

Year 11 Results 2018In addition to a great start, let us also celebrate Year 11 GCSE results in August.

Many of our pupils did very well with 73% and 75% of pupils in English and Mathematics respectively achieving at least a grade 4 or above (equivalent to old A*-C). Pupils achieving a grade 5 or above in English and Mathematics were also up 7% compared to last year. Pupils are also to be congratulated for the results they have achieved in a number of other subjects again this year, with our highest achiever being awarded grade 9 in eight subjects.

We are not, however, complacent about results and are already working hard to address how we can improve upon these results even further going forward.