Whole School PSHE Day

For this day each year group had a different focus:

Year 7 took part in a series of workshops entitled ‘Careers Planet’. Designed to explore a range of careers through different planets. Each planet contains a different employment sector and the size of the planet represents the number of people employed in that sector. The day provided an opportunity for pupils to explore different career ideas within different sectors and be aware of labour market information. This supports our aim that young people should be encouraged to explore and plan their futures mindful of employment demand, or the lack of it.

Year 8 pupils looked at the different aspects of friendship and what it means to be a good friend. They also looked at social media and if ‘friends’ on Facebook/Snapchat etc. were ‘real’ friends. Pupils then created a storyboard of an animation on friendship and then, getting into small groups, produced their animation and a podcast to advertise it.

Pupils in Year 9 were looking at the British value of democracy. They started off by taking a short quiz on the government to see what they already knew and then went on to look at voting and local governments. Each class were arranged in small groups and asked to create a plan to regenerate a small town. They had to consider which services were needed and where they would put them with only a limited budget to play with. Each group then had to present their town to the rest of their class explaining why they had included the services they had and how the placement of each service would help the town function and thrive.

Pupils from Year 10 welcomed members of the Andover Rotary Club into school who held three different workshops to help pupils understand what an employer may be looking for in a job applicant. Two of the workshops were based on interview skills: one about how to behave in the interview and what a good and bad interview looks like, the second on thinking about their image and how they come across to an employer. This covered areas such as body language, what you wear and how fast you speak. The third workshop was on the information pupils need to include in a CV. This session was split into two with pupils starting off by identifying their skills, followed by some time in an IT room to start creating their CVs.

As their GCSE examinations are approaching Year 11 pupils focused on revision for the day. The day started with an assembly about apprenticeships and was followed by four sessions on English revision, Maths revision, revision resources on the internet and writing a revision timetable. We also invited ambassadors from Winchester University for the day to run workshops on how to prepare for their upcoming exams.