Year 10 Geography Visit to Hengistbury Head

Year 10 Geography Visit to Hengistbury HeadYear 10 Geographers visited Hengistbury Head in Dorset as part of their GCSE course.  Pupils investigated how various risks are being managed.  As a stretch of coastline with one of the highest rates of erosion in the South of England the local authorities and the Environment Agency spend millions of pounds each year reducing the impact of this erosion.  Pupils evaluated how effective this is.  They also investigated how the risk to people posed by the coastline is managed and learnt why it is unwise to walk or sit at the base of the cliffs.

Finally, pupils evaluated how the risk to the environment caused by people is being managed.  The area of coastline is truly beautiful and pupils were amazed by the lengths that some people will go to in order to spend time there.  There are many beach huts on the spit, one of which is currently for sale for £300,000!