Year 4 PE & Humanities Workshops

Year 4 PE & Humanities WorkshopsTest Valley School welcomed a large group of Year 4 pupils from our local primary schools to come and experience Humanities and PE workshops. The morning was packed with various activities for the pupils to enjoy with Year 9 and 10 pupils supporting as well. The sports activities were based on developing and enhancing skills to work together e.g. team building, listening to others, trust and self-belief. In the History workshop pupils were asked to search through contemporary 1851 newspapers which showed the items at the Great Exhibition in Crystal, London. This event was a showcase of modern technology put on by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. The pupils had to find adverts in the newspapers for items such as beds, curtains, machines and home decorations to use in their own displays. In the Geography workshop pupils used an online digital mapping package to investigate the features of the UK.  Pupils were asked to be ‘place detectives’ and to use a series of maps and aerial photographs to unlock clues about some well-known landmarks e.g.. working out what was happening at Wembley Stadium in London, identifying certain areas of coastline being eroded and finding out how Milton Keynes grew in size over 70 years.