Year 7 Eisteddfod

EisteddfodYear 7 have just prepared and taken part in our second Eisteddfod as part of our Learn to Learn programme. This year we introduced a very popular art category with entries in 2D, 3D individual and small groups judged by Mr Murdoch-Smith.

The other categories were performed on our school stage in front of the year group and these included public speaking, instrument playing, singing, bands and dance acts. Public speaking included poems and comedy performances; instrument playing included guitar and keyboard; bands incorporated the drums, guitar and singing.

Mr Pennicott judged the stage performances and it was pleasing to see the wide variety and high standards from many pupils. We are fortunate to have a dance teacher on our team and all agreed that the standard of the dance acts was one of the highlights of the event. The three dance acts have signed up to perform in StockFest, our open air music and dance festival taking place on Friday 11th May from 3.30 to 5.30.

Overall winners in each category will be awarded certificates in our end of year Celebration Assembly for Year 7.