Year 9 Futures Event

Research shows that on average people now change their jobs every 4 to 5 years. What ever happened to the job for life? Technology and efficiency came along removing the need for many traditional jobs and replacing them with different jobs.

Year 9 Futures Event:

This leaves our current school pupils posing the question: What can I do for a living and how can I become qualified? The advice we would give is: do not put all your eggs in one basket, study a broad range of GCSEs to keep your options open and when considering a career path, ask yourself this question: “How likely is it that a computer/robot will be able to do this job for me in the future?”. These are just some of the questions and solutions going through the minds of Year 9 pupils as they experienced their Year 9 Futures Event. Helping them was a series of workshops including GCSE ‘speed dating’ to find out more about the GCSE courses they can choose, careers profiling, an apprenticeship workshop and talks by Andover College and Winchester University.

Year 9 Futures Event

One pupil commented:

“Going around each of the workshops has made me realise just how many different options there are, including ones I originally had not considered”.

Another pupil said

“Today has been really helpful before I choose my GCSE subjects for next year”.