Engineering Challenge

On Wednesday 15 May, 11 pupils from Year 9 formed two teams, travelled to the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovil and took part in the area Key Stage 3 Engineering Challenge. This trip was offered to pupils who have opted for GCSE DT.

The event set a complicated challenge and required pupils to work together in order to achieve the task. Each team required a manager, construction engineer, electronic engineer, buyer, machine operator and presenter.

The challenge set for each team was to design and build a self-levelling platform to launch aircraft from on board an aircraft carrier operating in high seas. To support this the Royal Navy built a simulator that they could switch on and would pitch and roll just like an aircraft carrier operating in stormy weather.

The picture above shows the simulator in action.

In addition to making the stable platform, teams had to make a launch an aircraft from the platform.

Grace and Will picture trying to figure out how to launch their aircraft.

If that’s not a big enough challenge, the team also had to design and make a remote electronic firing mechanism and circuit.

Will, Will and Liam fixing wires into their electronic firing system.

Then came the team presentation and launch demonstration.

Both teams gained a massive amount from their experience and managed to achieve all the individual aspects of the challenge even if, come the launch, wires coming out and stabilization challenges scuppered their success a little.

I am so proud of these Year 9 pupils, they worked hard, formed cohesive teams and were a credit to Test Valley School. The experience has undoubtedly inspired them to the challenges at GCSE DT and I simply can’t wait to start teaching them in September.

Written by Mr. Langdown.