French Lesson Experience

On the 8th July, we got the opportunity to go and teach a French lesson to Year 4 and 5 pupils at Stockbridge Primary School. It was a very useful experience and taught us many things about teaching and languages. We also got to improve our speaking skills in French when instructing the pupils.

Our lesson was based on fruit and veg.  The pupils were very keen to learn these and picked them up very quickly. We moved onto some games such as Pictionary which they were very enthusiastic about and their memory of the key fruit and veg names was excellent. We also gave them a worksheet where they matched up some opinions and connectives. They enjoyed this and nearly all completed the challenge of writing a complete sentence. Also, they were very brave and used their excellent French accents to tell us their sentences. Finally we played a fun taste testing game where they guessed what the food they were eating was and had to pronounce it in French. Overall we really enjoyed teaching the pupils and are very grateful for the opportunity to do so. We also believe we have gained great leadership and French skills which will help us in the future.

We are very grateful to Mrs Dover for taking us, Stockbridge Primary School for welcoming us and the children for being so kind, well behaved and enthusiastic!

Written by Beau Hamilton-Smith, Oliver Argyle, Katie Woods and Emma Carter, Year 9 pupils.