Lego Engineering Challenge

A number of pupils opted to take part in the Lego engineering challenge during activities week.

A day of working in teams to complete different challenges. The first challenge was to build a Lego structure which would scatter the furthest when released from a fixed height. 

Two pupils built a system to hold and release the structures remotely.

Points were scored for each Lego brick which scattered beyond 1 metre and 2 points for each brick scattering beyond 2 metres. As the photos show a wide variety of solutions were constructed to impress us.

Things became very competitive with the next simple challenge to build the tallest structure to hold a marble. A surprisingly different and clever construction won this category. 

The final challenge was much harder: to build a structure capable of throwing a marble through the air like a shot put. What made it difficult was that it had to be triggered by dropping a weight onto it remotely. The number of times the weight dropped missed was very challenging. 

It was really good to see our pupils getting stuck in to the challenges and embracing working together.

Written by Mr S Langdown