Year 10 Geography Visit to Hengistbury Head

Year 10 Geographers visited Hengistbury Head, near Christchurch in Dorset, as part of their GCSE course.  The relatively new exam arrangements mean that the pupils will sit a fieldwork exam at the end of Year 11 and so this visit was vital preparation for them.

There were two themes to the visit.  Firstly, pupils assessed how sustainable the use of Hengistbury Head is.  Further, they examined the residential areas around the headland to see how sustainable the community is.  The fact that there are beach huts at Mudeford Spit that cost over £250,000 each suggests that the area is not necessarily open and available to all.

Secondly, pupils practised using qualitative surveys.  These are surveys based on their judgements and they examined the impact of various coastal protection measures on the visual appearance of the landscape.

We were blessed with superb weather (only 1 okta of cloud) and pupils experienced the cooling effect of the sea breeze, which took the temperature down to a very pleasant 25°C. 

Pupils will now complete their write-ups by presenting their findings, drawing conclusions and suggesting improvements that could be made to the survey techniques.