News about ‘Humanities’

Year 10 Geography Visit to Hengistbury Head

Year 10 Geographers visited Hengistbury Head, near Christchurch in Dorset, as part of their GCSE course.  The relatively new exam arrangements mean that the pupils will sit a fieldwork exam at the end of Year 11 and so this visit was vital preparation for them. There were two themes to the visit.  Firstly, pupils assessed… Read more »

The ‘Big’ Questions

In Religious Studies Year 8 have been studying the ‘big’ questions in life. They started off by sharing their ideas as a class on seven big questions. These included ‘What happens when we die?’, ‘Does God exist?’ and ‘Is world peace possible?’ Pupils then chose one of the questions to study further and working in pairs… Read more »

History in your hands: Year 7

Year 7 pupils have begun their study of History at Test Valley this week with an exploration of the artefacts that form the basis of all our shared past. They were challenged to look at a broad selection of items from the past. This ranged from Roman coins, letters from an emigrant to Australia, pages… Read more »

Democracy Day


On Friday 29th June we were joined by three local Councillors and officers from Test Valley Borough Council to host a new event called Democracy Day for local schools.  The event was for Key Stage Three pupils from Test Valley School, Mountbatten School and Harrow Way School. After a brief introduction pupils were involved in… Read more »

Year 10 Geography Visit to Hengistbury Head

Year 10 Geography Visit to Hengistbury Head

Year 10 Geographers visited Hengistbury Head in Dorset as part of their GCSE course.  Pupils investigated how various risks are being managed.  As a stretch of coastline with one of the highest rates of erosion in the South of England the local authorities and the Environment Agency spend millions of pounds each year reducing the… Read more »

Year 9 Holocaust Webcast

A number of Year 9 pupils have been taking part in a project called Stories from Willesden Lane. So far they have read a novel about the life of a girl called Lisa who was a Kindertransport refugee sent by her family to the UK from Austria for safety during the Holocaust. This week pupils… Read more »

Year 7 Geography Lesson

Year 7 Geography Lesson

Year 7 enjoyed a lesson in the sun to learn about map symbols.  7A worked in groups to complete a ‘treasure hunt’ around the school to search for a number of different map symbols.  The pupils were provided with a number of clues and, once they figured out the location they had to go to,… Read more »

Year 9 RE Lessons

Year 9 RE lessons

Year 9 pupils are studying Buddhism and currently looking at the concept of rebirth. One activity was to turn a written script read out by the teacher into a symbol/picture script. This helps pupils be able to summarise information and with recall of important points.

Getting Creative!

Getting Creative with Desk Art

Year 9 pupils have recently enjoyed the opportunity of being allowed to write and draw on their desks as a way of showing their understanding – fortunately using non-permanent pens!  During Geography lessons the pupils had to create a piece of work explaining ‘ The Greenhouse Effect’ and ‘Global Warming’ including both the effects and solutions.  As you… Read more »

What’s Been Happening in Geography?

Volcano model

Last term in Geography the Year 8 pupils had a fantastic time showcasing their creative skills.  Pupils were asked to make a volcano model and what an amazing job they did.  The pupils’ work was fantastic, not only were they able to label the key features of the volcano but they also ensured they resembled… Read more »

The Existence of God and Revelation

This week GCSE RE pupils started a new topic on The Existence of God and Revelation. Pupils considered the Cosmological (First Cause) argument for the existence of God, followed by the Teleological (Design) argument. In the picture, Jamie Evans is attempting to tie a string into a knot without using his thumbs. This was a starter… Read more »

Whole School PSHE Day

For this day each year group had a different focus: Year 7 took part in a series of workshops entitled ‘Careers Planet’. Designed to explore a range of careers through different planets. Each planet contains a different employment sector and the size of the planet represents the number of people employed in that sector. The… Read more »