News about ‘Science’

PE Meets Science

Mrs Vaughan conducts a practical revision session on the heart and how the passage of blood flows through it, with our Year 11 GCSE PE group. The pupils benefited greatly from having a multisensory way of understanding how the heart functions – a great visual way of remembering such a complex system.

Year 10 GCSE PE Trip to Lifelab

In March, the Year 10 GCSE PE group visited the Lifelab at Southampton General Hospital. This is an educational centre that gives pupils hands on experiences of a number of scientific tests they can complete, understanding the science behind them and also gain a better understanding of how lifestyle choices can have an impact on… Read more »

Windmill Experiment in Year 10

If you cannot find your fan, you might want to have a look in Room 6 as Mr Holmes and his Year 10 pupils have been conducting wind turbine experiments using them. The practical involves the pupils cutting out different sized paper turbines and placing them on a motor. The fans turn each of the… Read more »

‘Think IT’ STEM Event at IBM

‘Think IT’ STEM Event at IBM

This event took place over two days giving a group of girls in Year 9 the opportunity to participate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities. They worked in teams with other schools. On the first day they were given a scenario and went through the processes to develop and target an app using… Read more »

Making the Most of the Sunshine in Year 7 Science

Making the most of the sunshine in Year 7 Science

This week Year 7 pupils were using quadrats to sample the populations of different flowers on the top field. They used identification guides to help them identify the different flowers. They could then estimate the number of different flowers across the whole field by using the quadrats and the dimensions of the field. Unfortunately, the… Read more »

Year 4 Science and Technology Day

On Tuesday 12th June we saw the return of our annual ‘Science and Technology Day’ (previously known as Rocket Day) for our local primary schools. We were delighted to welcome to our school ninety-four Year 4 pupils and they took part in a variety of exciting activities. Pupils were divided into two groups for the… Read more »

Investigating Density

Year 9 pupils were investigating density in their Science lessons by creating a density ladder (a column of different liquids that are stacked according to their density – the most dense is at the bottom, with the least dense floating on top) They further investigated the density of solids by floating paper clips, Lego bricks… Read more »

Year 10 Science Experiment

Year 10 Science Experiment

Over the past few weeks Year 10 pupils have been studying the reactivity of various metals when they come into contact with water, looking at different aspects of the reaction such as what gasses are produced and the physical changes to metals. This week it was to conduct a practical experiment to find out if… Read more »

This Week in Science

Over the past few weeks, pupils have been learning about various properties of rocks during their Science lessons. This week it was time to let the pupils conduct their own findings by designing their own test to compare the properties of rocks. Once they have conducted the tests they will then use this data to… Read more »

Race for the Line

Race for the Line

This week our Year 7 pupils enjoyed a whole day taking part in “Race for the Line”. This involves them working in teams of four to design, shape and build a model rocket car. Following this on 27th February they will take part in a launch day in school with timed runs. The day was thoroughly enjoyed… Read more »

The Living Rainforest

Living Rainforest

Last week on Monday 27th November over one hundred Year 7 pupils went to the ‘Living Rainforest’ in Newbury for the day. Our favourite part of the trip was seeing the snake coil around the tree and lunch was quite nice too. We also loved the sleeping sloth and the large bird that was allowed… Read more »

A ‘Cracking Time’ in Science

Pupils have been learning about “force” with Mr Holmes in Science lessons over the last few weeks. Pupils have been designing landing pods to safely land ‘eggstronaughts’ when released at height from the Science balcony.  Pupils came up with a variety of different designs, many successfully ensuring a safe landing for the egg inside its… Read more »