Physical Education

The department fulfils the requirement of the National Curriculum in both KS3 and KS4 whilst offering pupils a broad yet balanced curriculum which is designed to give every pupil the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities. In KS3 pupils follow a set curriculum but in KS4 they have the opportunity to make choices as to the activities that they participate within. In KS4 we offer GCSE PE, following the AQA syllabus, and the Sports leader’s award.

The department believes that every child can achieve within PE and as a result lessons are structured to create full involvement of all pupils. The ethos is one of ‘Personal Best’ where by every pupil is expected to work at their optimum level in all areas of the curriculum to allow them to make progress both in terms of performance and understanding.

To support pupils learning and enjoyment the department offers a wide variety of extra curricular sports for both boys and girls ranging from rugby, football and basketball to swimming, trampolining and rounders. The clubs can be attended by everyone with teams then being selected from pupils who attend. Pupils who show potential are directed towards local clubs to further their development as well as being nominated for district, county and high level club teams.

Key Stage 3

Physical Education plays a major part in the physical and mental well-being of pupils at Test Valley School.

We give pupils a wide curriculum in Year 7 which is then narrowed in Years 8 & 9 to allow for more depth of performance and understanding. This is further supported through extra-curricular clubs and fixtures.

Within lessons pupils are expected to be responsible for their own learning through analysis and reflection of their own and others’ work. This creates actions from the pupils who take on the coaching role so extending their own and others learning and understanding.

In KS3 pupils have 2 lessons of PE a week and are given a broad yet balanced curriculum meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum. This offers pupils the opportunity to experience a variety of different sports, these could include:

Football, Rugby, Basketball, Netball, Badminton, Health Related Fitness, Dance, Track & Field Athletics, Cricket, Rounders and Softball.

Key Stage 4

SubjectPhysical Education
Examination BoardAQA
Assessment40% Practical (including 10% on personal analysis), 60% Exam
English BaccalaureateNo

What do pupils need to know or be able to do before taking this course?


  • Three sports to be covered, two from either individual or team activities and one from the alternate area.
  • The pupil will be assessed on their performance in these sports:
    • Replication of skills
    • Implementation of skills within competition


  • A variety of physiological and sociological elements will be covered in depth over the period of the course. Pupils must be willing to make good notes in lessons and revision notes at home along with regular revision.

Is this course suitable?

This course is suitable for those who:

  • take part in sports, both within curricular and extra-curricular time, preferably participating regularly within at least one sports club outside of school
  • are committed to trying their best at all activities
  • find Science interesting
  • are academic, as this is not just a practical course
  • willing to attend a variety of extra-curricular clubs
  • willing to complete regular Home Learning Tasks and revision

What will pupils learn on this course?

Pupils will learn:

  • How to assess and improve their own and others’ practical performances.
  • About the body, how it works and can be made to work better.
  • To understand psychological, physiological and sociological aspects of sports such as participation and politics.

How will pupils be assessed on this course?

  • 30% Practical (NEA) – three assessments two from either individual or team activities and one from the alternate area.
  • 10% (NEA) Self-analysis of their own performance in one of their three sports.
  • 60% Theory – written exams:
    • Paper 1: The human body and movement in Physical activity and sport 1 hour 15 minutes (30%)
    • Paper 2: Socio-culture influences and wellbeing in physical activity and sport 1 hour 15 minutes (30%)

What kind of work will pupils need to do outside of lessons?

  • Attend clubs both inside and outside of school to allow for personal development in the sports of the pupil’s choice.
  • Regular revision and extended reading on the theory elements of the course.

What could pupils go on to do at the end of the course?

  • Further education in PE – ‘A’ Level Physical Education, Vocational Awards
  • Careers – Sports Coach, PE Teacher, Physiotherapist or Sports Science

Additional Information

The Physical Education Department aim to give pupils as many opportunities outside curriculum time as possible and as a result there is a wide variety of clubs and teams for pupils to be involved within either on a social or competitive basis.

The department runs a variety of teams including:

  • Boys’ Rugby
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Football
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Badminton
  • Boys’ & Girls’ Athletics
  • Mixed Table Tennis
  • Mixed Tennis
  • Mixed Trampolining
  • Girls’ Rounders
  • Girls’ Netball
  • Boys’ Softball
  • Mixed Cricket

View Extra Curricular Activities Timetable

We will enter occasional teams into events and will try to accommodate any willing pupils to sports in which they wish to partake!

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Fixtures Information and Results

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