Letters Home

On this page, you will find copies of letters sent home to parents.

Headteacher’s Letter, July 2019

Dear Parent

This letter has been emailed to all parents of the coming Year 8 to Year 11. We have also included the Key Dates for 2019-2020. If we do not have an email contact for you, we have posted this letter to ensure you receive this information.… Read more »

Year 10: Sports Day, June 2019

Dear Parent

I’m writing to inform you of a change of date to the Year 10 Sports Day that was due to take place on the 11th July. This will now take place on the 23rd July. Pupils may wear their PE kit to school and this should consist of their PE shorts, suitable footwear and either their school PE polo shirt or a T-shirt/polo shirt in the colour of your tutor group.… Read more »