Weekly Blog

15th July – 19th July

Summer Sizzler

Recently, the PTA held a Summer Sizzler event to provide a fantastic opportunity for our new September intake pupils and families to meet with staff, current pupils and parents in a fun event centred around our amazing pool.   The sun shone and people turned up to enjoy a fantastic evening of swimming, rounders, inflatables, and food from the BBQ.  Funds raised from the event will help keep our pool open.  Thank you to all involved in making this event such a great success!

French Lesson Experience

On the 8th July, we got the opportunity to go and teach a French lesson to Year 4 and 5 pupils at Stockbridge Primary School. It was a very useful experience and taught us many things about teaching and languages. We also got to improve our speaking skills in French when instructing the pupils.

Our lesson was based on fruit and veg.  The pupils were very keen to learn these and picked them up very quickly. We moved onto some games such as Pictionary which they were very enthusiastic about and their memory of the key fruit and veg names was excellent. We also gave them a worksheet where they matched up some opinions and connectives. They enjoyed this and nearly all completed the challenge of writing a complete sentence. Also, they were very brave and used their excellent French accents to tell us their sentences. Finally we played a fun taste testing game where they guessed what the food they were eating was and had to pronounce it in French. Overall we really enjoyed teaching the pupils and are very grateful for the opportunity to do so. We also believe we have gained great leadership and French skills which will help us in the future.

We are very grateful to Mrs Dover for taking us, Stockbridge Primary School for welcoming us and the children for being so kind, well behaved and enthusiastic!

Written by Beau Hamilton-Smith, Oliver Argyle, Katie Woods and Emma Carter, Year 9 pupils.

Donation of a 3D Printer

This wonderful machine is an Objet Pro, fully professional, 3D Printer kindly donated to the school by a local Stockbridge resident, Rhys Richards, an extremely generous Engineer who wanted his machine to benefit young people. 

We are now looking for the support of an engineering company sponsor to help seed the set-up costs of the cartridges to enable us to roll out 3D printing within Design Technology at Test Valley School.

If you are interested in supporting this project please do not hesitate to contact Mr Langdown via the school.

Dance Festival July 2019

This year’s dance festival was based on the theme ‘Movies’ with the Year 10 Sports Leaders making a short introductory film. Unfortunately there were no ‘Oscars’ awarded but the Leaders were keen to perform.

The first of the two days of the festival saw very special VIP guests arrive with the Test Valley Mayor, Councillor Mr Hatley and Mayoress, Mrs Hatley.

The Mayor presented the medals first to the children who had shown lots of energy and enthusiasm during the day.

The professional dancers from the Gremlin Dance Company, Hannah and Sara taught the children a specific routine related to the theme of ‘Movies’ in the morning workshop and this was also performed to the Mayor during the showcase in the afternoon.

For this year’s festival theme ‘Movies’ the dance company chose to interpret their own mini version of the famous Hollywood Blockbuster Franchise, Harry Potter. 
This dance festival event has run for 16 years. Gremlin Dance Company have been involved for 13 years.

Sports Leaders, all pupils at Test Valley School, started planning this event in January 2019 with Mrs Smith (School Sports Co-ordinator). Pupils from six of the local primary schools of Lockerley, Broughton, West Tytherley, Stockbridge, King’s Somborne, & Wherwell attended the festival over two days.

The primary schools showcased their own school dance in the Sports Hall in the afternoon.

The VIP guests presented gold medals to all the primary school pupils. These medals were presented for enthusiasm with 100% effort throughout the day and excellent team work.

Miss Hiscock Headteacher stated:

‘The dance festival has always been such a special event in our school calendar and this year was no exception. It is wonderful to see all the pupils from the primary schools fully engaged and enjoying the whole experience from start to finish. Our Sports Leaders work so hard to organise and host the event, they are always such a credit to our school. We are also very grateful to our sponsors and the Gremlin Dance Company whose support makes it all possible. Finally a huge thank you to Mrs Smith, it is undoubtedly her vision, experience and support that has made this such a special occasion for all involved and I am delighted this final year was such a resounding success again.’

Mrs Smith School Sports Co-ordinator stated:

“The festival has been running for 16 years and Gremlin Dance Company have been part of this event for 13. Hannah has never let me down over the years and has always produced excellent workshops for the younger pupils to enjoy. The theme this year of ‘Movies’ proved very popular with the pupils and the teaching staff. The Sports Leaders were, as always, a credit to our school and the main managers were amazing making sure everything ran smoothly for the primary school pupils. It was nice to finish my teaching career on a Dance Festival high as it’s always been my biggest event on the school calendar to organise. I do hope the Primary Schools will continue with their dancing in the future”

Well done to all the Sports and Young Leaders who worked very hard to make each day a great success.

Lego Engineering Challenge

A number of pupils opted to take part in the Lego engineering challenge during activities week.

A day of working in teams to complete different challenges. The first challenge was to build a Lego structure which would scatter the furthest when released from a fixed height. 

Two pupils built a system to hold and release the structures remotely.

Points were scored for each Lego brick which scattered beyond 1 metre and 2 points for each brick scattering beyond 2 metres. As the photos show a wide variety of solutions were constructed to impress us.

Things became very competitive with the next simple challenge to build the tallest structure to hold a marble. A surprisingly different and clever construction won this category. 

The final challenge was much harder: to build a structure capable of throwing a marble through the air like a shot put. What made it difficult was that it had to be triggered by dropping a weight onto it remotely. The number of times the weight dropped missed was very challenging. 

It was really good to see our pupils getting stuck in to the challenges and embracing working together.

Written by Mr S Langdown