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2nd July – 6th July

Making the Most of the Sunshine in Year 7 Science

Making the most of the sunshine in Year 7 Science TMaking the most of the sunshine in Year 7 Science his week Year 7 pupils were using quadrats to sample the populations of different flowers on the top field. They used identification guides to help them identify the different flowers. They could then estimate the number of different flowers across the whole field by using the quadrats and the dimensions of the field. Unfortunately, the field was freshly mown so there were not very many flowers but we could see that there were fewer in the shade of the trees than in the open space.

Post-16 Taster Day at Andover and Sparsholt College

On Tuesday 3rd July, Year 10 pupils spent the day at Andover College experiencing what life could be like after their GCSEs. They signed up for taster sessions from a wide range of subjects including Criminology, Sociology, Art and Design, Sciences, Mathematics, Creative Writing, Carpentry and attending the Football Academy. Pupils had fun as well being challenged. Both staff and pupils would like to thank the College for inviting them in for the day and giving them a taste of college life.

Year 6 Induction Day

We were delighted to invite all of the Year 6 pupils joining us from September to spend the day with us this week. It was a busy day getting to know their new school and a programme of lessons throughout the day. The evening before we had welcomed their parents as well with the opportunity to meet Mrs Stubbs (their Year Co-ordinator) and their tutors. We are looking forward to our new pupils joining us in September.