Trips and Visits Calendar

Educational trips and visits are an excellent opportunity to enrich the curriculum offered to pupils and many will benefit considerably from the learning that can take place outside of the classroom. They provide new physical and mental challenges whilst also giving pupils the opportunity to develop their independence, leadership and team-building skills. Such activities can also help pupils to develop stronger relationships with their peers.

At Test Valley School we therefore offer a variety of trips and visits enabling pupils to experience a holistic education and one that develops skills for life. The calendar of trips and visits we offer provide an opportunity for pupils to participate in a range of cultural experiences, curriculum enhancement, enrichment activities and outdoor adventure. Some trips are also offered as social activities to involve pupils in challenges that cover a range of interests and destinations.

Our calendar is published in response to parental request so that parents are aware of planned trips and visits coming up during the year to help plan ahead. Full details about each activity will be made available by letter to parents and pupils once all arrangements are finalised. Please note that all trips depend upon pupil uptake and staffing therefore all costs are only approximate at the time of publication. The dates in the calendar provide an indication of when the trip is most likely to take place and again subject to final confirmation.

Test Valley School Trips and Visits Calendar 2019-20

September       Science – STEM day challenge    
October         Yr 9-11  Thorpe Park  
November            –
December         Yr10 & 11 Ice Skating, Laser Tag, & Bowling
January           Andover College High Attainers Construction Site Vist
February       RE – Neasden Mandir RE – Holocaust Centre RE – St Paul’s Cathedral and Neasden Mandir  
March     Get Inspired Careers Trip History – Slavery Workshop Bristol   RE – Hollybush Christian Camp Rotary Club Challenge History – Revision Workshop London Museum
April         Yr 8-10 SKI TRIP RESIDENTIAL RE – Yr 9/10 – Buddhist Monastery    
May       RE – Synagogue      
June     English – Globe Theatre   History – Chalke Valley Festival Geography -Hengistbury Head  
  NO DATE GIVEN     Science – Longleat  (Year?)