The Governing Body had a new constitution and Instrument of Government from 3rd December 2014.

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Name, Category & Term of OfficePositions of ResponsibilityCommittee MembershipPecuniary Interest
1 × Head Teacher (automatically appointed for duration of employment)
Mrs F Dean
(Head Teacher, Interim)
Appointed: 24/02/2020
1 × Staff (elected by staff for 4 years term of office and approved by Board)
1 × Local Authority (recommended by LA for 4 years term of office and approved by Board)
Mrs Deborah Martin
Appointed: 13/02/2019
 Dev. & Training GovernorFGP
HT Performance Review
Staff Discipline
Staff Dismissal Appeal
Pupil Discipline
Pay Review
5 × Parents (elected for 4 years term of office by parents and approved by Board)

Ms Helen Doyle
Appointed: 12/07/2019

 CPA (TBC)Nil 
Mr Benjamin Howard
Appointed: 13/02/2019
H&S GovernorPupil Discipline
Staff Discipline
Staff Dismissal Appeal
8 × Co-Opted (elected for 4 years term of office and approved by Board)
Roma Chappell
Appointed: 27/11/2019
Ms Hazel Lankester
Appointed: 02/12/2015
 Board Co-Chair

CPA Committee Chair
Sex & Relationships Education Governor
SEN Governor
Pupil Discipline
HT Performance
Pay Review
Staff Discipline
Staff Dismissal Appeal
Mr Nigel Melville
Appointed: 05/04/2017
 Board Co-Chair
FGP Committee Chair
Mrs Helen Overton-Hore
Appointed: 13/02/2019
Deputy Pupil Premium Governor CPA 
CLERK (appointed as employee by the Board)
Ms Janine Emm
Appointed: 01/09/2015
 Full Board MeetingsClerk at Portway Junior School. Premises & Central Services Supervisor and Staff Governor at Sparsholt College

Full Governing Body Meetings

  • 09/10/2019
  • 27/11/2019
  • 12/02/2020
  • 01/04/2020
  • 13/05/2020
  • 01/07/2020

Summary of Board Attendance

Louisa Hiscock3/36/66/63/36/6100%24/24
Simon Port0/3 2/60/33/628%5/18
Nicky Osborne  3/63/35/673%11/15
Sarah Hammer1/3  2/34/658%7/12
Hazel Lankester  6/6 6/6100%12/12
Katie Henry3/3 6/63/36/6100%18/18
Jon Hannon 4/6  4/667%8/12
Amanda Snook 4/6  5/650%9/18
Nigel Melville 2/26/6 6/6100%14/14
Deborah Martin2/35/6  5/680%12/15
Jane Lee    6/6100%6/6
Liam Twigg    6/6100%6/6
Frances Wain1/3   3/457%4/7
Mike Lucas 3/6 1/26/671%10/14
Colin Sinclair  3/51/22/550%6/12
Lee Parker 2/4  0/233%2/6
Emily Cooper 1/10/11/16/689%8/9

Getting in Touch

To contact any member of the governing body, please telephone the school on 01264 810555, or email the governors.

Interested in becoming a school governor?

More information is available on Hampshire’s website.